Product Categories

Exhibition Sectors  

Food and Beverage

Halal-certified food products such as meat, dairy, packaged goods, and beverages.

Halal Certification and Halal Standards
Verification of compliance of processes, quality and features of products and services with Halal requirements.

Finance and Banking
Presenting Islamic financial products and services.

Tourism and Hospitality 
Halal-friendly hotels, restaurants, and travel packages.

Cosmetics and Personal Care
Halal-certified beauty and skincare products.

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
Halal-certified medicines, supplements, and healthcare products.

Technology and Innovation
Technological solutions for Halal certification, traceability, and supply chain management.

Logistics and Transportation
Halal-compliant shipping and transportation solutions.

Fashion and Textiles
Focusing on modest fashion and Halal-certified clothing and textiles.

Education and Training
Providing resources, workshops, and seminars related to Halal certification.

Media and Marketing
Highlighting strategies and platforms for marketing and promoting Halal products.

Retail and Franchising 
Featuring Halal-compliant retail and franchising opportunities.

SMEs and Entrepreneurship
Showcasing small and medium-sized Halal businesses.

Government and Regulatory Bodies
Including representatives from government and international regulatory bodies.

Environment and Sustainability
Emphasizing eco-friendly practices within the Halal industry.

Chambers of Commerce and Trade Associations
Focusing on regional and international trade connections in the Halal market.